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PendoPad 4.0 FAQ


I have audio but not video when trying to watch YouTube videos or other videos on the player ?
Under Settings, choose Sound & Display. Under Sound and Display Choose Output. Change Output setting to None.


How long should I charge my battery?
The initial charge on the battery should be overnight prior to the first use. After the initial charge, please refer to the set up guide for assistance. The Status Indicator will light orange when the tablet is charging. The Status Indicator will light green when the tablet is fully charged.


How do I change the language back to my original setting?
Go to the Settings Menu. Go to the 2nd row, which is Language and keyboard. Click on that. Click on the first option, which is Select Locale. All languages will then be brought up in alphabetical order.


My unit is frozen and does not respond?
If the product suddenly has no response or powers off, an elec-trostatic discharge may be the cause. In this circumstance, please follow the procedures for recovery: Reset the player (use a paper clip to gently press the Reset button (on the bottom of the player).Turn on the unit again **IMPORTANT**Back up your data to an external source prior to performing reset.


I cannot connect to WIFI?
In order to connect to WIFI you will need your SSID # If you are not familiar with the #, please contact your Internet Service provider.


Screen is frozen ?
If screen freezes the consumer needs to calibrate the screen. This is done by touching the each X that displays on the screen. The unit will confirm when calibration is successful.

I Get The Error Message "Unable to Open Connection to Server"?
The error message that you are receiving means that the unit cannot connect to the internet. Please check your internet setting (SSID and Encryption Key.) If you have not created your router SSID and Encryption Key, then contact your ISP (online provider).


How do I unlock the screen?
When the screen is turned off, you have to unlock the screen to resume. To unlock the screen drag the LOCK icon across the screen towards the right unlock icon.


Where can I locate drivers for my device?
The unit is a stand-alone unit and does not require drivers. If you are trying to transfer music or video, please use the drag and drop method. You can also save the space by utilizing the micro SD card.


I downloaded a game for GetJar but I am unable to play on the PendoPad?
Some games and apps that are featured for download in GetJar are not intended to work with tablets. They are designed for cellphones or devices that have controllers. Unfortunately there are no controllers built into the PendoPad. Please check the functionality of the game or app prior to downloading.


How Do I Change Background or Wall Paper On My Tablet?
You can change the background color or Wallpaper by placing the tip of your finger on the main screen for at least 2 seconds. The 'Wallpapers' icon will appear below 'Folders'.


How do I set the time and date on my PendoPad?
From the Main page, scroll the arrow to the left. This will open the function/settings page. Click on settings. Scroll down to date and time. Click on date and date and set appropriately.


How do I find my MAC address, so I can connect to my wireless network?
1.Click on Settings.
2.Clinck on Wireless & Networks.
3.Click on Wi-Fi Settings.
4.Click the MENU button, located on the side of the unit.
5.Click on "Advanced".
6.Your MAC address will appear in the Advance Menu.

How do I find numbers and symbols on the Touch Screen keyboard?
On the Touch Screen Keyboard Press the "?123" key. This will bring up the Numeric pad. On the Numeric pad, press the "ALT" key. This will bring up the symbol keyboard. Press ABC to return to main keyboard.


How can I import my personal books into Aldiko?
Copy your ePub files into the SD card (in the eBooks/import folder). Make sure your ePub file ends with .epub extension.
1.Connect the tablet to your computer with the USB cable.
2.Pull down the status bar of your tablet and then click on USB connected.
3.Now go to your computer, you will be either able to see all files in the Removable disk (E:) already or there will be option for you to open folder to view files.
4.Look for eBooks folder and open it.
5.Look for Import folder and open it.
6.Copy your ePub file(s) into the Import folder, make sure your file(s) end(s) with .epub extension.
7.Go to your tablet, pull down the status bar of your tablet and then click on "Turn off USB storage".
8.A context menu will be brought up, select "Turn off" option.
9.Go to the Home screen of the Aldiko application, click on "Menu" button of your tablet and then select "Import".
10.A context menu will be brought up, select "Import" option.
11.Click "OK" to confirm.
12.After the import process completes, a context menu will be brought up to notify you. Select "Dismiss".

You have just imported your own books into Aldiko. The imported books will be on the bookshelf. To view your imported books, just simply go to bookshelf, click on the Menu button of your phone, select "Sort" and then "By Download Date" option. Your imported books will be displayed on the top of the bookshelf.

How do I switch between Apps?
Hold down the HOME button located on the side of the unit. A folder will pop up containing all active applications. You can easily switch back and forth between open apps.


How do I remove widgets from my Main Screen?
Apply pressure on the widget for about 2-3 seconds. The widget should turn a shade of red and a trash icon will appear on the side. Drag the widget to the trash icon.


How do I delete a book?
1) At Shelf View, do a long press against a book cover icon. Anew menu will appear, scroll down and select the "Delete" icon.

2) At List View, tap on the "More" icon on the right of a book and then select the "Delete" icon.
For more help with your Aldiko library, please see for additional help topics.


How do I view files that are on a Micro-SD card?

Insert a Micro-SD card into the PendoPad
Open the ES File Explorer app and chose Favourites
Select the /mnt/extsd/ under the Home icon
You can now view the files on the Micro-SD card